“Behold, I am making all things new.”

In our lives, it is so easy to think that God simply wants to fix us; that he wants to take superglue and fill in the cracks and hold us together.

While we are broken people living in a broken world, God’s love for us is so much deeper than that. He doesn’t want to give us fragile stability with a quick fix. He wants to completely destroy our lives and rebuild them from the ground up.

Revelations 21:5 states, “And he who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’ then he said, ‘Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.'” This scripture is most often applied to the end of this world and the coming of the Lord’s kingdom. However, recently I have been thinking a lot about how this scripture can apply to my life today.

The way I think about it is through controlled burns. In national forests, sometimes the underbrush gets extremely thick. Briars, vines, weeds and (my least favorite) poison ivy wraps around the trees. They steal the trees’ sunlight, suck up their water, and ultimately hide the trees and stunt their growth. Eventually, the forest rangers will intentionally start a fire to burn away the excessive growth to give the trees room to breathe and grow. The trunks get burned and scarred, but they become stronger, they grow taller, and they become healthier than they were before. God does this in our lives over and over again. When sin wraps around our hearts and steals our joy, our hope and take away room for Jesus, we have entered a season of controlled burning. God takes a match to those things in our lives that have grown so tightly around us that they have become a part of us; until that is all people see when they look at us. It’s terrifying and painful at first, but when it’s all said and done we are stronger, and we are able to grow into the plans that God has in store for us. We become beautiful, new creations in Christ.

I am not perfect. I make mistakes daily. Like all humans I allow sin to creep into my life and it takes control until God burns it all away to help me grow into the Christian, woman, and leader that He created me to be. He creates beauty from the ashes in my life.

My name is Ashleigh Wright, and I look forward to starting this journey with you. I hope that in this blog you find comfort in shared experiences, hope in times of sorrow and that you realize you are not alone. I hope that together you and I can see all the many ways God creates beauty from the destruction in our lives when we least expect Him to.

I hope that you realize like I have, that He is making beauty from the ashes.




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